Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Happy Friday on a Thursday


On the eve of our Nation’s independence day weekend five morning warriors arrived at Mary to find that no one had the Q. Bodos stepped up and took the potato and we all moseyed on over to the blacktop for some much needed stretching.

It went down like this… some Swirley bend over and touch your toes stretching to begin, Donny Q’s, Helicopters… YHC’s memory is failing on the rest of the warm-up exercises as the Independence Day weekend beverages are already in play.

YHC feeling insipired volunteered to take the potato… and apparently the BB too. Moseyed over to the far corner of the blacktop for Hindenburg BLIMPS. It went down like this. Six rounds, start with ten reps of an exercise in each corner of the blacktop, running between each corner. Second round, change the exercise and increase the reps by 10, so 20 exercises in each corner running between corners, and on up to 60. First exercise was burpees, second round was air squats, third round was side straddle hops, fourth round was YHC forgot, fifth round was team effort merkins, each person took ten merkins for a total of 50 at each corner, sixth round was mountain climbers.

Passed the potato on to Handshake for a modified five person Dora. Two people doing dips, two people doing wall sits, and the last lone ranger timer ran to pull up bars and did 5x pull ups. Did that for 3 rounds.

Potato got passed then to Hitchhiker, for what was a very tough exercise… Moseyed over to the tennis courts, starting on the baseline bear crawls to the net, 10x walk out merkins, then polar bears to the opposite baseline, 20x LBCs, then polar bear back, 10x walk out merkins at the net, and bear crawls to the baseline.

But we still had 2 minutes left, so Hitchhiker was kind enough to pass the hot potato on to Pucker for the final round. Ran up and down the baselines and karaekoed along the net, for all five tennis courts. Final mosey back to the flag.

Numbers and names to round us out and, Pucker took us out with some kind words. YHC took the BB since the Hindenburg Blimps took up 90% of the time. Great work this morning gents.


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