Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tour de Nu Market


YHC arrived just before the witching hour to find a revered traveler from a land far away (Tobit). YHC was waiting for Honeymoon as he stated the day prior “I have the Q”. No Honeymoon but we did get a Hermie right at the bell. Mosey ensued.

COP SSHx29, DQ’sx10, JazzerciseX10, Cherry pickersx10, Helicopters x10, dead man hang, Flutters, LBC’s, Merkins, Dollies rounded it out.

Mosey up Satan’s backdoor hill to main entrance for Tour De Nu Market. Hit all curl-de-sac’s. Do 20 of called exercise in sac and 20 at finish proceed to next sac. 1 Merkins, 2 double with squat jumps, 3 carolina dry docks, 4 LBC’s, Running short on time so hit the corners with a battery of 10 box cutters/10 dollies, 10 flutters on each of 3 corners. Mosey down hill to rock pile for some rock work. Sets of 20 curls, presses, tri’s, curls, presses, tri’s rock copters, Plank for 45, Front lateral raise, squat with a rock. Return rock. BTTF. Time was called.

Prayers to YHC’s mom as she gets results and treatment plan for skin cancer on Monday. Prayers to Honeymoon’s dad as he continues his chemo. YHC took us out in prayer.

Convergence 7/4 at No toll 6am Hardywood Q. Thanks Tobit for making the journey to NM and may you have safe travels back to your homeland. Hermie way to break out of the fartsack and grind this morning. Way to rule the gloom gentleman!


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  1. Safe travels to Honeymoon heading out on vacation. I will also be out next week on vacation. Wilson and POG confirm Satan’s hill will be open. See yah in a week!

  2. Nice Q Nancy! Glad I made the long journey to Satan’s Hill this morning. Great (and brutal) tour of New Market…particularly the rock pile at the end. Also great to see Hermey for the first time since quarantine!

    I can see the lure of New Market…it’s nice out there in the middle of nowhere.