Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Two of us posted for this week’s Punisher. Mosey from the parking lot under to the shady front yard for warmup with Invisible Jump Ropes, IWs, DQs, Helicopters, and Russian Soldiers.

Move northeast to the edge of the bus loop and take a knee in the grass for traditional Jack Webb plus a chaser. One Merkin, four Shoulder Presses, and eight Arm Circles for round one. Add a Merkin and maintain the same ratios for the other exercises in later rounds. Finish with 10:40:80.

Mosey down the bus loop and past some kind of adult cheerleading group to the playground for Jack Webb #2 but without a chaser with Swingset Jerkins followed by Plank Rows (single count).

Jog to the outdoor classroom for Jack Webb #3 with Curtsy Lunges (two count) and Standing Single Leg Presses (one foot on the picnic table bench).

Return to the front parking lot for final Jack Webb with Hello Dollys and LBCs. COT and YHC took us out.


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  1. Interesting, I see Jack Webb was the creator and star of Dragnet. His wiki page says nothing about painful workouts though. Arm Circle chasers are diabolical.