Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A clown car + 0=4


Four NewMarketeers rolled into Timberwolf in clown car ready to reignite this AO. Timberwolf is alive and well and these 4 gloom warriors were ready for what the crisp morning air was bringing. The four hoped to find other eager warriors as it has been fun to get back out and see new and old faces.


Mosey to busloop. 25 SSH’s, 10 DQ’s, 10 cherry pickers, 10 helicopters, 10 small/10big arm circles + reverso, 15 count dead man hang. Mosey to light pole alley.

A true Timberwolf favorite Light pole ally.

20 of called exercise to start run to last light pole 20 of said exercise back to the next light pole reducing one pole each time. Exercises were Merkins, WWII’s, Carolina drydocks, SSH’s, Imperial walkers, 2 count flutter kicks, Split 10 dollies/10 Rosalita’s, Merkins, (May have missed 1 or 2). 15 minutes to go? YHC was sure The first Timberwolf he did light pole alley was a full 45? Mosey to front for picnic tables of pain 20 dips, 20 decline merkins, 20 incline merkins. Start to Mosey, but wait Wilson called for another round so Repeato. Mosey to the back for the wall. Peoples chair 2×45 count. 3 minutes of Mary and BTF, time was called.

Convergence No Toll July 4th. YHC took us out in prayer. Always honored to lead. Rosetta nice pace setting today, Honeymoon way to push through that HATE knee pain, Wilson way to gripe with the best of them. Make today Awesome!!


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  1. Nancy – great Q! It was tough! Not sure I called for another round. I believe it was more of me whining that the word Mosey came out of your mouth and it was a punishment to stay. Either way, I am better because of you.