Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Feels normal again


23 PAX made their way out to Dogpile to safely gather in Phase 2. Temps in the 60s with low humidity made it for perfect beatdown conditions.

COP: SSH, Don Qs, Imperial walkers, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Scorpion Kicks.

Mosey down to Backstage block storage to retrieve and drop blocks. Leave them there, down to Rusty Cage. Triple check of: Burp-Ups, Dips, and run to blocks – 10 Squats, then back.

Head down Pipe Loop for a Proper Dora: 10 Merkins, 20 WWIIs, 30 Jump Squats. Then up the hill back to Rugby. BoxCutters and Squats to gather the pax. Bottom of Rugby partner up: Bear Crawl catch me if you can. 3 burpees then run up to crawler. Back to flag then quick mary til we hit 7:00.

NMS: Today felt like Dogpile like normal for the first time in a while. New Market back in the mix with their mumbechatter (really just Wilson) and a large PAX over 20.

Hitchhiker took a spill on the pipe loop and several PAX helped him up and out. Flipper busted out some Mr. Miagi magic on his foot and looks like he’ll be ok. Rumor has it Bodos also blessed Hitch’s ankle with holy water since he disappeared. Qs feel like they have to use the PipeLoop in the limited summer weeks where we have daylight but then remember how much it sucks. 5 trips through per PAX was enough.

Good to have some newer PAX out like Zillow and Winehouse. YHC promptly was told to shave of the stache upon his arrive home.


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  1. Great to be out in the gloom. Glad Hitch Hiker is good. Duke also took a spill in pipe loop! Maybe we should follow our Governors lead and ban the loop as it appears to be too dangerous. Haha. Sold bearing and ET’s while different, was fun to catch up.

  2. Well done. A Honeydo Q never disappoints.

    Nice to partner with Gomer, Laughing Gas, and Honeydo. Happy to have convinced Faceplant to give me a second chance to partner. That Burpee Hill just kept on giving.

    Doublemint is a stud. Winehouse sweats a lot.

  3. What a great morning, amazing weather. Thanks for the great Q Honeydo. Sorry I had to split. Didn’t want too much attention after the ankle healing.

  4. Great Q Honeydo! This was the most normal feeling Dogpile in quite some time. There was a strong energy in the pax this past Saturday. Great to get that feeling again.