Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rocks a lot


5 warriors showed up for the last day of of Thursday’s at new market. Tomorrow it becomes Devil’s Hill, but only on Monday’s and Friday’s. YHC was first to arrive so grabbed the Q. 530 was the time and away we went. Hermie arrived like a flash coming down Devils Hill on his bike.

we did some stuff. Including but not limited to: SSH’s, DQ’s, Cherry pickers, arm circles, windmills, IW’s, LBC’s, Dollies, Rosalita’s.
mosey to the rock pile grab a rock

1st round 21 rock curls, 21 overhead press and repeat 21 curls. Run the horseshoe to stop sign. 21 over head press, 21 triceps, 21 overhead. U get the rotation. Rounds continued with run in between rounds.
tris Squats tris, squat/ rock copters , Rock copters/merkin, Merkins/ oh pulls, OH pulls\ chest press.
back to flag for 5 minutes of mary.

prayers to Rosetta’s family adoption process. Hump day happy hour next Wednesday in YHC’s driveway/garage. Thanks for the honor of leading today.


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