Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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9 able studs arrived out of their comfortable, air conditioned abodes into the hot and muggy mist that is known as The Forge. This is how it went down:

COP #1: Mosey to the traffic circle for a quick warm up of DQ’s x 10, Smurf Jacks x 15, Dead Man Hang x 10, Right over left x 10, Left over right x 10, Arm Circles. Everyone sweating, lets move:

COP #2: Escalating 4 Corners at the Soccer Field comprised of Corner 1- WWII’s, Corner 2 – Calf Raises, Corner 3 – Hammers (American Style), Corner 4 – Ball Dippers. 1 Burpee between each round.

COP #3: Vertical 11’s – Mosey over to the amphitheater for to get the arms pumping. Dips at the top and Decline Merkins at the bottom. Box Jumps in between.

COP #4: Burpee Dora – Mosey over to the bus loop to finish strong with a partner. 100 In Outs, 200 merkins, 300 jump squats. Timer run the bus loop.

Mosey BTTF for reverse Numberama, Nameorama & Announcements below. YHC took us out.


Hardywood and Long Pole crushed the corners at record pace with enough time for Long Pole to explore a bit of the land the Forge had to offer while waiting for YHC to finish up. Not to be outdone, Prince and Long Pole raced each other on the box jump 11’s, lapping YHC on round 1. Way to work boys.


4th of July Convergence – Work off those extra hot dogs by spending time with Hardywood and others at No Toll. 6 am start for the festivities.

Thoughts for swift recovery for Doublemint from his motorcycle accident earlier this week. Get well soon


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