Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



8 Davillians came out to a real 70 and sunny workout.

  • COP – mosey to the Atlee basketball court
    • SSH x 20
    • Don Qs x 10
    • Arm Circles small x 10, big x 5; reverse
    • Imperial Walkers x 10
    • Shoulder Taps x 10
    • Merkins x 10
    • LBCx x 20
  • Mosey to the CMS basketball court for some F3 basketball. Since last time the PAX showed how bad we are at basketball, YHC figured a little game HORSE would be good training. But first we need to improve our speed and agility.
    • Start at one end of court and high knee to the other end, Bernie Sanders back.
    • Repeat with Karaoke right side then left side
    • Suicides stopping at free quarter way, half way, three fourths and other end
    • Repeat with 5 burpees at each point
    • Repeat with 10 merkins at each point
    • Repeat with 15 squat jumps at each point
  • Time for a F3 version of HORSE with some impromptu rules:
    • Each PAX will take a turn shooting the ball from a place of their choosing.
    • The shooter will call out an exercise and reps. If the shooter makes it the rest of PAX does that exercise. If the shooter misses, then the shooter does that exercise. Double the reps for air balls (there were a lot of double reps).
    • PAX alternated between Al Gore, Planks and Arm Circles while waiting for the shooter.
    • Exercises called out were Merkins, WWIIs, American Hammers, Burpees, SSH, Mountain Climbers, Jump Squats.
    • After about 4 rounds of shooting it was time to mosey back to the Flag. YHC did not keep score but Spike, Mr. Holland and Scrum were probably the winners. Trout and Marco Polo did a lot of double reps. Overall this PAX definitely improved from the last outing but needs more practice.
  • Numberama, Namerama, Spike took us out.

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