Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Another Beautiful Sunday morning..


5 runners and 2 bikers gathered at Pump House lot for another glorious morning workout.. Circle K and 7-Eleven took off and did their thing. The 5 runners did the typical Buttermilk-TeaPot-North Bank loop.. Great run overall..

Helix was participating in the “Below the Belt- Virtual 5k” so he took off like a rabbit.. Marco Polo and Sherpa took the lead while YHC and Mr. Hutton maintained a comfortable pace with considerable chatter… We caught up to Helix at the bridge and did a bit of “bro code” at the Tredegar lot.

Glad to have Sherpa out. He came out two weeks prior, but took a different route so he wasnt there to close it out. Helix came up with Sherpa because Sherpa is a Forest Hill loop expert and Helix and YHC have no sense of direction. YHC is amazed he finds his way home from work each day. Regardless, a great guy and a great addition to the group.

Things have been tough as of late. Glad to have this opportunity to get out with friends and push ourselves to be better people.

YHC out.


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