Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Clear Direction


21 men came together to fight the tyranny of the Fart Sack and the Humidity. With temps sunny and 70, the PAX launched on time at 06:00.

Mosey to the Great Lawn for the COP

Swirly’s Dead Man Hang
Right over left, then left over right
Hello Dolly
Scorpion Kicks

Mosey to the Ha’ Penny Stage and grab a coupon for Touch-a-Tree

Round of 10…Partner 1 touches 10 trees while carrying his block above his head. Partner two completes WWIIs while holding block on chest. Variety of planking and Al Gore for The Six.

Round of 8…more of the same

Round of 6…Alabama prom dates.

Round of 4…burpees.

Round of 2…burpees.

Curls for The Six on the last round.

Replace the blocks and Mosey to the Amphitheater for:

Decline Merkins x5
V-Ups x5

The Q received a request to go back up, so the PAX did 10 flutter kicks (x4 count) on each step up.

Mosey BTTF


Solid work today, fellas. The Humidity was strong in The Gloom today. And, apparently gravity strongly attracts cinderblocks to Earth.

Kotters to Winehouse who has been taking care of multiple little kiddos and DTH who deported from Papua New Guinea for recruiting for a Cult. Nice to have you all back. (Side note: Anyone else notice DTH sporting a big Grin during the APDs? Imagine if his family had NOT been in PNG with him.)

This week, Hardywood supplied YHC with the following Fun Facts:

  1. The largest source of revenue for Harvard Business School is publishing (MBA teaching is 4th).
  2. HBS publishes an official set of Directions for Touch-a-Tree,

    The PAX were provided a copy of said directions, gratis, today. TYA has offered laminating services during office hours.


Fourth of July Convergence at No Toll. 6 a.m.

Please keep Flatline in your thoughts. His grandmother passed away this week. Service is today.

Please also keep Profit in your prayers. He had a serious accident this week in North Carolina. While it is expected he will pull through, his injuries are extensive, and the road to full health will be a long one.

Lastly, YHC asks the PAX to generate Direction for themselves, then use that to hold yourself Accountable. All the laws and all the programs society generates to help reform and grow can have their impact. Your Impact comes through each individual interaction. When you interact with people, use your eyes, your smile, and your investment in challenging yourself to achieve better outcomes.

Remember that today is the 76th Anniversary of D-Day. Men of all colors exposed themselves as a segregated Army (and Navy) blazed a path to a better world for all of us. Regardless of the messages you hear, the arch of the past 76 years has been overwhelmingly positive. And, surely, there is work to do.


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  1. And, welcome Zillow and Mr. Rogers. Come back often. And, welcome to Ship Lap. looking forward to having you join us full time.

  2. Great Q Upchuck and love the extra work with the coupons. Double T Claps for getting the Harvard crest on the run down sheet. Its the most refined weinkie I have ever seen.