Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



8 PAX, including the ever elusive flying EH FNG, came out on a truly 70 and sunny morning to soak in the humidity. Fudd missed the balmy RVA weather so much he drove in from CO to get a sweat on.

COP: SSH, Don Qs, Flutterkicks, Imperial Walkers, Merkins (no scorpion kicks 🙁

Mosey to dip bars for Dora 123: 100 Dips, 200 LBCs, 300 SSH. Then onto blacktop for 4 corners: 5 Burpees, 10 WWIIs, 15 HRMs, 20 Jump squats. Hitchhiker had so much fun he asked us to double it: 10 Burpee, 20 WWIIs, 30 HRMs, 40 Jump Squats.

Tennis courts: Lunge first court, 5 HRMs. Broad jump to 2nd court, 10 HRMs, Bear Crawl to 3rd court – 15 HRMs, Crab walk full length of courts then 20 HRMs.

Soccer field for: Wheelbarrow across (alternating) then 25 WWIIs. Back to flag for some Mary then YHC took us out.

NMS: 5 years ago today YHC showed up to 45MoM out of shape not knowing anyone there after hearing about F3 from my wife after she heard about it from the moms at the pool. 5 years later to say that F3 and this PAX have changed YHC for the better is a gross understatement.

What a great morning this was: FNG Bandito came out after Upchuck’s EH last week. On the other side it was Old School this morning with Fudd back in the Gloom. He is back for a month in RVA with his family visiting VA. Let’s get organized on the 4th Annual Fudd leaving RVA party later this month!

Mumblechatter was light this morning as the humidity took a toll. The days of sweating out 10 pounds during a beatdown are upon us.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Good Q Honeydo
    Great to have Fuddski back with us this morning !
    See ya’ll in the gloom..

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Happy F3 Anniversary Honeydo – I remember your first post buddy you have been an continue to be a great leader in F3RVA!

  3. Handshake (aka Elbow Bump) on

    Honeydo brings the pain. Congrats to 5 years. You’re a regular F3 RVA OG.

    Any morning with y’all is a great one.