Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sure, why not!!!


With a slight chill in the air, 9 red hot warriors gathered in the Gloom to form what resembles a PAX at Hoedown. With no Q on the sheet someone suggested that we make it a Doozy Q and YHC was willing to oblige.

With no plan of attack lets mosey to get us going, on to Bodos place (Bodos was nowhere to be found)

DQ’s, Helicopters, Cherry Pickers, Imperial Walkers, 1 penalty burpee OYO for Doozy’s mistake, possibly some other things but I can’t remember.

Mosey to corner for 4 corners prostitute

Corner 1 – 10 Merkins, Corner 2 – 20 American Hammers (2cnt), Corner 3 – 30 Jump Squats, Corner 4 – 40 Heel raisers (20 inner and 20 outer)

Mosey back to flag area

Man Killers – Mr. Holland made a comment about YHC’s not screwing up the count on these, so as is par for the coarse YHC screwed up the count. 5 penalty burpees OYO

Mosey to the playground, triple check

Partner 1 – merkins with feet on the wall (balls to the wall style but not quite a chicken pecker), partner 2 – dips, partner 3 run to the monkey bars 5 pull ups and return (X3)

Mosey back to flag parking lot

Parking lot merkins X10, bear crawl at each line increase merkins by 1, what goes up must come down Crab walks stopping at each line for LBC’s increasing by 2 at each line

Mosey to teachers parking lot 10 burpees OYO

Mosey to the flag merkin ring of fire 5 each of your own style

Numbers / names Greenbow took us out


YHC had thoughts of Q’ing every day this week but had not signed up for this morning. When arriving at Hoedown and the opportunity to Q was thrown out there YHC thought it must be divine intervention or at least a happy coincidence, so a Doozy Q it is. Once YHC returned home to sign up for the Q the rest of the week he found that the return of DTH will be at the Forge on Thursday so a full week of Doozy Q’s it will not be but YHC will not miss the Forge and the return of the man, the mith, the legend that is Dr. Try Hard.


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  1. Great turn out this morning guys, it was nice to meet a couple of people I’ve not met yet and great to see some old faces returning to the Gloom.

  2. Wedding Singer on

    good job on the fly Doozy. Leaving us slow guys in the dust on those moseys.