Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Binge Qing


7 weekend warriors made their way to the Atlee high school parking lot for a fun morning that went something like this…

Slaughter start – Four 4x4s

Mosey to the football field parking lot

COP All IC – 50 SSHs, 10 don quixotes, 10 helicopters, arm circles, 10 hand-release merkins (HRMs), 25 LBCs

Mosey into the adjacent neighborhood near the pool.

11s – 1 HRM at the bottom, 10 two-count mountain climbers at the top of the hill.

Mosey back toward the schools to the track

Go Around

Partner up. One partner goes around the track (1) run forward to the first corner (2) bear crawl to the second corner (3) run backwards to the third corner (4) crab walk back to the start. The other partner does ab exercises on their own until the partner returns.

Go Around Again

Same partners. One partner goes around the track (1) run forward to the second corner (2) run backward the start. The other partner does 20 HRMs, followed by 20 squats, repeat until the partner returns.

Mosey back toward the beginning by going by the front of the schools.

Stop for 10 merkins at each speed bump. Stop at another spot for 25 LBCs. Finish at the flag.

Numberama, Namerama, Announcements, YHC took us out.


  1. Convergence at 6:30 am on Monday at Hanover Wayside – expect a hot potato unless a Murph can be completed (depends on the availability of equipment for pull-ups)
  2. With deep sadness, we heard that Thumper’s Dad passed away over night. Thumper hasn’t been with the PAX in a few years and is a junior in high school. His Dad had been struggling with health issues for years but his death was sudden and shocking based on his recent health. Please keep Thumper (Michael Rest) in your prayers in the days ahead – prayers for comfort and peace as he grieves the loss of his Dad.


YHC has not led in a LONG time and it felt good to be back with the PAX as the Q. YHC had to make up for lost time and lost pain. Like binge watching a series on Netflix, YHC attempted to give some binge Qing!

YHC started with four 4x4s as a way to make up for not Qing on his birthday when he turned 44. The goal then was to keep moving and to cover significant distance with the PAX.

The initial mosey almost turned catastrophic when Opus tripped, rolling to the ground but then popped back up immediately. The PAX yelled Goldberg!

There is something right and good about leading an opening set of SSHs during the COP. YHC felt at home and the PAX shared encouragement with every ten SSHs.

YHC led the PAX to the spot where Phonics led 11s a few years ago in order to bring it back. Phonics, Spike and Helix crushed the 11s and showed the rest of us how to knock them out on the hill.

The “Go Around” sequences at the track provided some laughter as well. At one point, a set of the PAX passed another runner and then turned to run backwards. This led to a somewhat awkward time of having to stare at the runner while moving backward.

It was great morning all around and it felt great to be back with the PAX. YHC tried to catch up by binge Qing as much as possible into the hour. YHC felt like he could have fit more with some careful planning but that will be left for another morning.



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  1. Excellent beatdown The Carpenter! I don’t know if anybody else picked up onto it, but it was hilarious watching Marco Polo anticipate the end of the SSHs during the COP at 20, 25, 30. The rest of knew there was a possibility of hitting the century mark.