Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Is this May or March?


Three strong were on the First Watch this morning in the early gloom trying to figure out what month it is. The calendar says that it is May, but the wind and temperature says otherwise. Maybe it has something to do with either The Greenhouse Effect, The Ozone Layer, The Poles shifting, The COVID Effect or the fact that you need to wear a mask around Honeydo at all times.

COP in the grassy triangle:

Cherry Pickers, Don Quixotes, Russian Soldiers, Copperhead Squats, Jazzersizes, Helicopters, Crab Cakes, LBC’s, Hand-Release Merkins

Triple Check:

Deep Squats, WWII’s, Run the roads around the grassy triangle.

Mosey over to the big parking lot and find a spot on the Donkey Kick wall for:

Donkey Kicks x 10, Lunge, Merkins x 10, Reverse Lunge

Donkey Kicks x 15, High Knees, Merkins x 15, Reverse High Knees

Donkey Kicks x 20, Butt Kickers, Merkins x 20, Reverse Butt Kickers

Donkey Kicks x 25, Bear Crawl, Merkins x 25, Crawl Bear

Head back over to Small parking lot , stopping along the way for Speed Bump Burpees.

Kettle Bell Triple Check:

High Pulls with 35 pounder, Swings with 25 pounder, run the loop

Station Rotation:

Sit-n-Press with 25 pounder, Bench Press with 35 pounder, American Hammers. Rotate clockwise, one minute at each station.

Ring of Fire:

10 Diamond Merkins (EF Hutton’s call)

10 Werkins (Honeydo’s call)

10 Dive Bombers (YHC’s call)

Numberama, Namearama, Announcements and YHC took us out!


We have 1st F virtual workouts, 2nd F virtual Happy Hours, so why not have some 3rd F virtual Bible Study’s? Offshore has sent out an announcement for such a thing. Starting Tuesday, May 26th and running bi-weekly, volunteer PAX members will lead a Bible Study on Zoom at 8pm. YHC will lead the first one, so please pray for me, especially you, Bodos! Please join if you are able. Also, please do not mix up the Happy Hour Zoom with this and have a freshly poured beer sitting beside your Bible :0


Way to work this morning, EFH and HD! YHC kept hearing a sick sounding rooster in someone’s yard near the grassy triangle. Heard it two weeks ago, as well. Didn’t know you could have chickens in Tuckahoe, but someone must have thought there was going to be an egg shortage soon. If you can have chickens in Tuckahoe, someone please let me know. YHC would like to have some.

Enjoyed it this morning, men, especially the stiff breeze!




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  1. How is the BB title not “Are Reverse High knees Low Knees?”

    That is an awful fancy brick dumpster area, how have we not used that before …

  2. We’ve used the fancy brick dumpster area before, when you were still dreaming.

    Good work Kubota.