Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



6 gentlemen decided to take on the day the right way!

Slaughter starter — 51 merkins

COP — Hillbillies, SSH, renegade rows, figure 8’s, Goblet squats

walk to the bus loop

25 merkins

hold KB high overhead and walk around the bus loop once.

20 overhead presses, held high KB carry 1/2 way, 20 overhead presses, finish the loop

20 overhead presses, 1/4 turn do 20 stir the pots, 1/2 way do 20 overhead presses, 3/4 way do 20 stir the pots

head to the picnic benches
5 step ups, side lunge to next bench 5 more step ups repeato 4x

Triple check — merkins, situp presses, run lap

5 minutes of Mary
Boat canoes, lawnmowers, KB swing ring of fire
2 KB Burpees

Names, Numbers, Anouncements

NMS — Great to see some guys who haven’t been back in a while. Hoping to see you all back again soon! YHC is humbled to be part of such an amazing group of gentlemen! SYITG!


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