Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who is the Q?


Warm up as normal as it looked to be a slow easy morning as all PAX seemed a little tired and beat from the week.  Little did I know or them that we had a little beat down in store for us!  Traveled the New Market unknown rock walking trail to both ends doing little work at each end.  Once I realized this little trail reminded me of the horseshoe we knew it had to happen!

The thing:

Horseshoe back and forth on the long path 4 total times

1st – 10 merkins and 1 burpee on other end

2nd – 15 WWII and 2 burpee on other end

3rd – 20 Squats and 3 burpee on other end

Ending with 4 brupees. 

To wrap up the remaining time we explored the neighborhood and hit almost every man hole along with burpees at any yard with sprinkler system on.

Great to lead this AM and strong work to all.  Have great day and enjoy these warm temps….heat is coming soon! 


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  1. Kick ass Q! I remember the horse shoe at Timberwolf and now NM has one! Dear god, save us.