Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Sometimes you aren’t interested in finding the latest show on Hulu or whatever. Sometimes you want what is comfortable and familiar. No? We aimed for comfortable and familiar at this week’s Punisher by completing 5 rounds of 11s on 5/11 – great stuff. Three of us assembled for this and it went like so:

Mosey to the grass for Triangle of Pain – 20 x SSHs, 15 x Helicopters, 15 x DQs, 15 x Russian Soldiers, 10 x Suzanne Somers (per side), 20 x APDs, and 10 x Arm Circles (big only, each way).

11s – Round One – Out and back running Laps across the front lawn and Plank Jacks. Started with 10 Laps and one Plank Jack. Continued through rounds until we finished with the inverse 1/10. Took way longer than expected, leading to the taking of liberties in Rounds Two through Five – whatever.

11s – Round Two – Merkins and WWIIs.

11s – Round Three – LBCs and LBCs. Awesome. 10 rounds of 11.

11s – Round Four – People’s Chair – 10 Right Leg Kicks / 1 Left Leg Kick – work through the cycle until inverted.

11s – Round Five – Zombie Walk towards the parking lot – 10 two-count steps then 1 Carolina Dry Dock. Finish the cycle.

Good seeing you guys.


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