Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

anvil merkin schnizzle


A trifecta showed up to take on the day the right way.

The 90’s –
One Week by the Barenaked Ladies — 90 seconds of merkins, 20 seconds rest. Rinse and repeat
Sabotage by the Beastie Boys — 90 seconds of Monkey Humpers, 20 seconds of rest. Rinse and repeat. Spit suggested Brass Monkey, but that was the 80’s — will save that for another day…

COP — arm circles, DQ, SSH, LBC, IW,SSWCR, AST, merkins, AST, merkins

4 Corners
10 2 count ball dippers
20 Werkins, 10 ball dippers
30 ww2, 20 werkins, 10 ball dippers
40 crabcakes, 30 ww2, 20 werkins, 10 ball dippers

10 crabcakes
20 ww2, 10 crabcakes
30 werkins, 20 ww2, 10 crabcakes
40 ball dippers, 30 werkins, 20 WW2, 10 crabcakes

20 squats to take a break
sideways gallop one way
then the other way
20 squat break
1 burpee every stop
5 merkins every stop

back to flag — pit stop for 30 seconds of merkins

Numbers, names, announcements

Mem Day convergence for Daville at Hanover Wayside Park 7 AM

This Sunday bro code run at Pole Green Park 7 AM as well.

Nice working out with Spit and Mr Holland today. My arms are going to be sore. SYITG!


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