Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dialing It In


Five real life warriors posted virtually for a beatdown that went something like:

30-second mosey around the property for COP IC: SSH x20, IW x20, DQ x20, LBC x20, Merkins x10

Lindsays: Merkins and Calf Raises with 10 Bunny Hops in between each exercise.

Four Corners: 10 WWIs, 20 Merkins, 30 Squats, 40 SSHs.

11s: Pickle Pounders, Lunges 10 single count, HRMs, Reverse Lunge

11s: Dips, Bear Crawl, Air DKs, Crawl Bear



Happy hour at the same Zoom link (on Slack), today at 6pm. Tron is Monday at 5:30am, same link. Daville is working on a local Memorial Day option.

Prayers for Don Draper’s coworker and family.


Doublemint posted solo to SOT this morning, so dialed in to VR, Dawg to be with the PAX. Brilliant! PAX are welcome to use that option on Mondays and Wednesdays if they find themselves posting solo. The link is on Slack.

Honeydo officially Zoom-proofed his Monday beatdown, so YHC had to look elsewhere for inspiration. The May Daville Merkin Challenge was the inspiration for today’s workout. Merkin count was 195.

Want to join us in the Zoom gloom? Here is a checklist:

  1. Prepare your tech.
    1. Wireless earbuds, wired earbuds with phone in pocket, laptop, and tablet have all been successfully used.
    2. Download and test the Zoom app.
    3. Prepare a ziplock bag for the phone.
    4. Test your sound and Wifi/cellular signal around the outside of your property ahead of time.
  2. Let the dog out so they don’t bark at you as an intruder.
  3. Make peace with the neighbor’s dog.
  4. Mondays, bring a coupon.
  5. Wednesdays, identify a step or bench for dips, derkins, step ups, etc.
  6. Clean up after the dog the night before.
  7. Add your typical drive time to your sleep. But not more. Getting set up can take some time in addition to all the usual morning routines.

Interested in Qing/tired of Offshore’s Qs? Message Offshore or Boberry.


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  1. Nice work today men. The second set of 11s was like a more torturous curb crawl. Looked good on paper…

  2. Great job today Offshore. Thanks for leading again. Those back-to-back elevens were brutal. The donkey kicks into crawl bears were especially challenging.