Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dora, Diego and a Centipede


5 guys (not the restaurant) showed up this morning for a beatdown. YHC delivered.

Walk around the loop with a kettlebell held high.

COP — crabcakes, tempo lbc’s, american hammers, russian soldiers, rotating merkins, arm circles, helicopters

Dora’s Little Donkey
one partner runs across the lot and does 10 donkey kicks, return
complete together 50 situp presses
100 swings
150 goblet squats

Diego’s Bear Crawl 11’s
bear crawl across loop
1 4×4
bear crawl back
10 renegade rows
continue till YHC calls time with 5 minutes left.

spread out, hold out kettlebells in front
first person does 5 kb thrusters and moves to other end
go through the whole group 3 times

Run around the loop for the last minute

Numbers, Names, Announcements

F3 Daville is having a merkin challenge for the month of May. Here is the link.


Keep praying for members who are recently having to stay home for various reasons. We miss you all, stay safe and stay in touch!

NMS — YHC is pooped. Bernie Sanders yesterday, 4×4’s today. Nuff said.



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  1. Great Q Opus! After a “workout” with my kids Monday/Tuesday and the 11’s 4×4 today I’m done as well. Tomorrow maybe a run day at The Anvil depending on who shows up!