Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fish out of water


7 brave men came out on a great morning and here is how things happened.

Got the 1-miler in at a pace of 8:13 around the back of Atlee and ended up in the parking out of Cool Springs.


Arm circles (front then back), 20 merkins, 20 scorpions then Q was done.

Mosey over to the bus loop

Round 1 – Partnered up, one guy ran, the other guy did burpees (did this 4 times)

Round 2 – same partners, one run ran Bernie Sanders, the other guy did fish out of water exercise (did this twice)

Round 3 – same partners, one ran Bernie Sanders, the other guys did 10 ball dippers then 10 squats still partner came back (did this twice)

Ran back to the flag….finish right at 615.

Numbers, prayer by Q…..signed out…

It was fun guys, let’s keep up the great work…


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