Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Picnic For Two


Two Mondays in a row, Swirly posted solo to Batteau. YHC told him yesterday he’d have company today. Away we went.

COP: SSHs / DQs / Helicopters / Imperial Walkers

Young Man’s Game: I saw a neighbor trying this last week, so I decided to BETA test it with Swirly. I doubt we’ll be seeing it again, but it was worth a shot. Broad Jump then six quick backwards shuttle steps to the original jumping point. Repeat x 10. On tennis courts at least, this was very jarring.

Line Tracers: Tennis Courts – out and back, tracing all lines. After each of the three rounds, a 20 set of varying Merkins.

Downhill From Here: Mosey to the rock lockers. Grab a rock. 8 rounds that included sets of 10 of varying exercises: Curls / Standing Presses at the top; Incline Merkins / Dips at the bottom. (Vinny may have called for dinosaurs near the end of this).

Clean-Up: Grab a picnic table. Three sets x 10 each. Incline Merkins / Dips / Step Ups (5 per leg).

NMS: I’m embarrassed to say how long it’s been since I posted to Batteau. It was awesome getting out this morning and hanging with Swirly. Great opportunity to grab a sweat and catch up.

Small group workouts are as much about mental health as physical health. Virtual beatdowns are good for now, but they can’t replace what we truly have. Stay safe and even keeled.


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