Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No see ’em


A PAX of two posted for the 4.13.20 Punisher. Mosey from the parking lot to the side yard for COP with several of the usual exercises.

Quick Double Check with one holding People’s Chair while the other moseys to Hermitage Road and back to the school. Finish two rounds.

Shift around the corner of the school for Jack Webb with chaser in the growing grass – begin with 1 Merkin, 4 Weightless Overhead Presses, and 8 Arm Circles (your choice for direction). Next round with 2, 8, and 16 of the same. Maintain same ratio as Merkins are added, finishing with 10/40/80.

Hit the outdoor classroom for Lindsays with Dips and Squats.

Back to the grass for another Webb variant with WWIIs, Reverse Crunches, and Alabama Prom Dates. Same ratio and number of rounds – starting with 1/4/8 and finishing with 10/40/80.

Find the school wall for a few minutes of People’s Chair – regular, right leg up, left leg up, and regular. Return to the ground for a few minutes of LBCs – left leg straight, right leg straight, both legs straight, and regular. Finish with stretching and COT.


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