Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What’s in a name?


So two gathered for a slightly chilly but not snowing beat down and this is what happened

5:28 and YHC was thinking this was going to be a solo workout but with seconds to spare Snuff came riding up to the rescue.

Mosey to DTH’s favorite stating point for a COP at the bottom of the hill

DQ’s, Helicopters, Cherry Pickers, Imperial walkers, Copperhead Squats, Snake Bite and Man killers

Mosey 15 feet to the first light pole Run the light poles increasing burpees at each pole for ten poles

mosey to front of school for a double check

partner 1 American Hammers, partner 2 run the islands repeat with different exercises X3, Sugar Sticks, Rosalitas.

Mosey to the back of the school to the student sitting area for 11’s

Box jump up 10 LBC’s at the top, box jump down 1 plank jacks at the bottom

Mosey back to the front find 10 parking spaces for parking lot merkins

Bear crawl and merkins up to ten Crab walk and American hammers down by two’s to twenty

Back to the flag number / names YHC took us out

NMS: At 5:28 this morning YHC was wondering how he would do this beat down if nobody else showed up. Snuff came to my rescue without a minute to spare. Mid workout YHC asked Snuff how he got the name (YHC assuming it had something to do with tobacco) and was caught off guard by the fact that he is a video editor. Once Snuff assured me that he is not part of the porn industry, YHC was able to regroup and move on.


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  1. Great job Snuff, these two person beat downs are becoming common place and are great ways to get to know your F3 brothers a little better.