Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

DaVille Legacy


YHC arrived early this morning to an empty parking lot; however, 4 more morning F3 brothers showed up for a Tuesday morning workout and here is how it went down:


We start by moseying to the Atlee track(Phonics and Corned Beef paying homage to our 2.0’s that will miss track this spring due to COVID-19) and back to basketball courts to get in our daily mile(Thank you Trout with the GPS certification on the distance) and circled up for 20 SSH, 10 DQ, 10 Imperial Walkers, 15 Arm circles(10 small and 5 big) reverso, 19 LBC’s, 10 Scorpions, and 20 merkins.


YHC had so much fun with a solo 4 corner escalator at The Last Resort that it was good to share this morning with two variations.

1st Corner – 10 Burpee’s then Bernie Saunders to 2nd corner for 20 2-ct. BD’s (still hurt as the day before). Run back to first corner – 10 Burpee’s, BS to 2nd corner 20 2ct. BD’s, BS(variation 1) to 3rd corner to 30 2ct. mountain climbers run back to 1st corner – 10 Burpee’s, BS to 2nd corner, 20 2ct BD’s, BS 3rd corner 30 2ct mountain climbers BS to 4th corner for 40 2ct flutter kicks(Variation 2 as the ground was dry). Return to start and mosey to Bus loop.

While moseying to the Bus loop Phonics noticed the crowd had members that we were all recruits of one another, Phonics recruited Spike who recruited Bulkhead, Phonics also recruited Corned Beef and YHC recruited Trout.

We get to bus loop and start a Triple check of 5 exercises, P1 30 Merkins and planks for timer, P2 AMRAP squats, P3 AMRAP flutter kicks, P4- AMRAP heels to heaven while P5 runs the inner loop of the bus loop as the timer. We get through 2 rotations with each partner performing all 5 exercises and start the 3rd for 1 cycle and return back to flag due to time.


Numberama and Namerama.

YHC asked for Prayers for a coworker who lost her husband to COVID-19 yesterday.

Trout took us out, it was an honor to lead this morning. Cheers…CB


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