Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Salad Days


6 warriors of the light made it out on a perfect Easter Morning for a little run around the river city.

4 milers – south turn around at reedy creek
7 milesrs – south on buttermilk to potterfield then north bank
10 milers – north to 14th st bridge and then south along river road

Hutton and YHC discussed music tastes, Hutton mentioned GOGO music and that got me thinking about the weird nexus of punk, reggae, and go go in DC in the eighties – all of that was the formative stage setter for Nirvana as David Grohl came out of that scene hailing from Springfield VA. Just ask Shakedown.

There are some good rockumentaries:

  • Mettalica- Some Kind of Monster.
  • Salad Days: Salad Days is a Minor Threat song and it covers the DC punk scene with the little bit of reggae and go go that crept in there.
  • see Shakedown for more ideas

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