Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pre-Blast: Spider Run (5/5)


Be it early, late, or on-time start, enclosed is the planned route. If choose a different time just respond to this BB and I will add you to the PAX list…

From Commons, take the Eco-Corridor (aka Batcave) to RR Shopping Center, the Westham Station along the canal, up Ridge Rd. to River.

Dog-leg left to Gaymont. Take to the end until it intersects with University.

4 Milers: Take right on University, cross Ridge to Westham Pkwy. Left on Pkwy then right on Lakewood. Lakewood down to College (near lake). Run up to Robins Center parking lot then down to lake. Cross bridge then counterclockwise to Commons

5 and 6 Milers: Left on University to end, quick right then left back onto University which turns into Ziontown.

5 Milers: Take right on Holmes avenue to Ridge. Cross Ridge to Sunset. Sunset to Westham Parkway. Go straight (right) to University. Take University to College (near lake). Up to Robins center then down to lake (see 4-miler finish)

6 Milers: Ziontown to Ridge, then cutover near shopping center to Forest. Forest to Lindsay. Lindsay to Westham Pkwy. Head north to Waveny. Waveny to Wood. Wood to Lakewood. (see 4-miler for finish)


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  1. Wedding Singer on

    Thanks Saab, appreciate this. Looking at the map to memorize the route, it appears Westview doesn’t go all the way through. Anyone know if you can get from Patterson to Grove on Westview? Granite the street before does. Also according to the map the 5 mile route appears to be called Harlan off Patterson, and veer to the left to jump on Oak shortly after exiting Patterson. Apologies, not being knit picky, just trying to help those of us that get lost from time to time with information that may be helpful. Back to the scheduled sophomoric humor.

  2. Good stuff buddy. Glad to know someone is paying attention.

    To Westview, it is an access road. You can get through if you just run past a small guardrail. That said, one can take Granite (right before Westview) if not comfortable with running on a gravel road. I will update

    Thanks for the clarification on Harlan…yes I will clarify.

  3. Saab, this extra planning work you do,

    just know we dont take it for Granite.

    or is it Westview?

  4. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great route Saab. Thanks to singer for making sure the directions were accurate.