Wednesday, November 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Keep your distance and your feet moving!


14 warriors posted for Dogpile this morning and here is how it went down.

Mossy – Warm up : bunch of fun exercises to get the blood pumping and the body stretched out.

Track Work : partner up keeping 6ft apart 🙂 run to the first obstacle – 5 merkins – next obstacle 5 LT. Dans all the way around the track – plank up when finished.

Theatre : Dips ladder down 18-1 – incline merkin ladder back up 1-18

Burpee Shuffle : run in place burpee calls each pax member.

Ring of Fire : 5 merkins pax choice all the way around circle

Mary : cross leg lifts, rosalitas , APD’s 6 inches – superman

Mossy back to the flag!

Excellent work this morning guys – thanks for allowing me to lead. Evidently there was some slack talk and possibly some concern over YHC having the dogpile Q under restrictions from the Governor. Hey no worries guys the Governor understands when your the Q it’s your call 🙂

There is no question we have had to adapt and modify our workouts. YHC certainly misses the rusty cage and partnering up but we have all figured out how even without those things we can still get a helluva beatdown in.

Remember to shoot DTH an email when you can. Gomer is taking the lead on starting another run on Friday’s in the west end Deep Run Park – see him for details. We are going to have one helluva 3rd F once this damn virus is behind us – stay tuned for that dudes 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter even under the circumstances we each have a lot to be thankful for and as Gomer said when he took us out today – let’s remember that and step up and be that person that reaches out and helps his fellow man out. (Thanks for taking us out Gomer) . You know fellas the world is in desperate need of our leadership right now so let’s give it to them and make this world a better place .

See y’all in the gloom.


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  1. Well done, Swirl Y. Crusher today. 300+ mercans is no joke. The track run has me huffing and puffing. Loved it.

    Great words, Gomer.

    I’m going to miss the parking lot at ETs if the world returns to normal.

  2. Wondering why the hell I was so sore just now and realized it probably has a lot to do with that Merkin ladder straight into the Burpee Shuffle. Great Q!

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