Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Eaglet run recce

Big Bear Baby Eagle Death Sad But Not Surprising, Expert ...
  • Situation –
    • Weather – 40 degrees and cool. 10 Mi wind from the North. BMNT 0530 Sunrise 0615. 100% illumination
    • Terrain – OCOKA dominated by the confluence of rolling hills forming ridge lines and deciduous forest providing cover and concealment.
    • Enemy Forces – Sloth, Excuses, Fear, Anger, Hopelessness – Sad Clowns
    • Friendly Forces – Units Right and Left – New Market “Run” and RAMM/RAMM Gears
  • Mission – f3 RVA establish a run in the west end by 010530MAY20L to expand the influence of F3 RVA
  • Execution –
    • Commanders intent. The purpose of this mission is to provide options to RVA for those looking for Fitness Fellowship and Faith. Location needs to be accessible to brothers in Mechanicsville, Midlothian, West End and Downtown. At the end state there will be a faithfully attended west end AO on Fridays.
    • Scheme of Maneuver. Set the conditions to Seize an AO location at Deep Run Park, Godwin HS.
    • Tasks to subordinate units
      • Recon platoon
        • surveillance of the following
          • Named Area of Interest (NAI) 1 Godwin HS
          • NAI2 intersection of Falconcrest and Pump
          • NAI3 intersection of Ridgefield and Pump
        • If time surveillance of NAI4 Deep Run Parking lot 1
    • Coordinating Instructions –
      • gather time distance factors and points of interest
      • Special equipment is headlamps and reflective vests
  • Service & Support
    • All classes of supply provided at home station
  • Command & Signal
    • Q location with main effort
    • Challenge and password is All the way / Airborne
    • Running password is Ranger

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  1. Ha! Great backblast! Not sure what some of it meant but I had fun reading it anyway. Good times this morning. Happy Good Friday all!