Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Make it a double!


In honor of the new ruling that restaurants can now serve takeout mixed drinks, 2×2 guys came out to get a double shot of beatdown

Run 1 mile by piecing together two times each area various pieces and parts of the AO.

COP — SSH, crabcakes, monkey humpers, freddie mercuries, flutterkicks, SSH, crabcakes, monkey humpers, freddie mercuries, flutterkicks

off to the track — editors note — one shifting merkin consists of one diamond merkin, then one regular merkin, then one wide merkin (if you are doing more than one, you have to still do the same sequence)
1st corner — 2 shifting merkins
2nd corner — 4 shifting merkins
3rd corner — 8 shifting merkins
4th corner — 16 shifting merkins

Dora 1,2,4
100 mountain climbers
200 dips
400 SSH

burpee suicides — one burpee each horizontal line on the parking lot
up it to two the next go round

30 seconds of American Hammers to finish things up!

Numbers, names, announcements

NMS — Never too early for a double shot of pain. YHC’s arms were already sore from the Murph Tuesday. The shifting merkins did not help at all with that. Great morning with a great bunch of guys!


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  1. Please sir can I have another! That would a drink not this workout again.

    Great Q Opus!