Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where two are gathered…


SOJ AOs have been light lately and YHC does not enjoy a solo workout. A text yesterday evening revealed that at least one other PAX would be at SOT this morning…and two is definitely better than one.

YHC arrived to find Bullseye getting in some extra credit. At 5:30, it’s just the two of us…hot potato it is…and we’re off. Here’s what went down.

Mosey to front of MMS.


COP: Helicopters, Cherry Pickers, DQs, 3 sets of SSHs and Merkins

Find a bench and do 3 sets of dips (15, 20, 25) and wall sits.


Mosey to track.

Partner up. Partner 1 performs exercise while partner 2 runs around track to catch partner 1. Switch up.

Round 1: Bear crawl

Round 2: Crab walk

Round 3: Broad jump


Mosey to steep(ish) hill at the track for some hill climbs. Run up hill and back and perform 2 merkins at bottom. Repeat (by 2) until reaching 10 merkins at bottom.


Mosey to MMS doors for:

Doors 1-5: Burpees

Doors 6-10: Jump squats

Doors 11-15: LBCs

That’s it!…mosey back to the parking lot.

Numbers, names, YHC took us out. No announcements.

A PAX of two can make all the difference. YHC is pretty sure he wouldn’t have done the same workout solo.

YHC prays that God’s peace will envelop us all and help relieve some of the anxiety during this stressful time.


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  1. Thanks Tobit! Great workout. The track portion was brutal. Definitely a stress reliever.