Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

That Dog Definitely Isn’t Racist


Seven two-legged runners and one four-legged puddle-jumper (as in, into the puddles he jumped) hit the trails in an ordinance-compliant manner – arms spread, helicopter-style, ensuring a 6 foot space on all sides. A lone rider defied the stay-inside order to take a giant ride around the city. 2 more ran together – eleven miles on the roads, change shoes, then eleven more on trails, in spite of a self-reported UTI or STD (ask Ollivander what burns). Weather sunny and 70.

TYA, who did not sign up to Q, suggested the PAX take South Bank to Forest Hill Loop to South Bank. 6.75 miles.

UpChuck: “You going to write this up as the Q, TYA?”

TYA: “No, I’m not the Q. I just told everyone what to do.”

Uh, huh.


  1. Parker is an open-minded, multi-culturally sensitive male dog, who practices social distancing with the PAX, both for health and safety reasons (we see you, Sally and Cooper). Come back often, Parker, anytime.
  2. Rubbing poison ivy on the outside of your throat will vaccinate against SARS-CoV2-19, apparently.

Good times at ET’s. The bed of TYAs truck makes for a perfect, socially distant perimeter.

Be safe, be well, and keep mentally strong.


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  1. Parker was a good influence for Sally. I’m afraid she’s regressing, though, with the lockdown and all. She’s just been trolling the internet.