Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Mile Sandwich


Three men and a 2.0 joined up at The Forge to exercise by lawful right of essential activities.

Workout: Disclaimer -> run to DTH warmup turnaround, back up around bottom two parking lots to point of beginning which is exactly one mile.

Warm up – SSH, don Q, russian soldiers, imperial walkers, mountain climbers, seal jacks

Prison cell AMRAPS – find a parking spot away from others (physical distancing). Merkin walk around cell one direction for one minute. Next exercises in same direction – lunges, bear crawls, March sadness slides. Reverse directions with same 4 exercises.

Move to grass – AMRAP abs – WWII, LBC, Flutter, plank

One mile run to finish.

Moleskin – YHC awoke at 3:00 AM with anxiety of Qing and putting together a 45 minute workout while maintaining distance and a bad back. A blank Q sheet at 5:00 AM came a calling. Running and prison cells seemed to make the most sense. Way to go Merlin, crushing us old folks dreams of winning a race. Keep up the good work Last Call and Snuff, good seeing you guys out each week.



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