Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Beautiful morning for a semi-old fart to Q


8 able bodied individuals took note of a morning in the upper 50s to partake a workout at Hoedown. The Q, me just celebrated a birthday to solidify his status in the upper 40s club.

COP: 10 Don Quixotes, 15 arm circles, 20 Freddie Mercuries, 25 LBCs and 47 side straddle hops

Mosey to the Walgreens. Do Four corners. 10 Burpees, 20 jump squats, 30 merkins and 47 2 count flutter kicks.

Mosey to one of Bodos’ many parking lots. Do another four corners. This time 10 burpees, 20 Lt. Dans, 30 2 count mountain climbers and 47 APDs.

Mosey to the front of those places called “a school”. Split into three groups to maintain s.d. protocol. Group 1 does 47 box jumps, group 2 47 merkins with the bike rack, and group 3 holds 6 inches. Switch until each group does each exercise.

Mosey to blacktop at back of school. Do suicides with 4 burpees and another exercise at the other end. We did 7 heels to heaven, 7 donkey kicks and 7 decline merkins at the gaga pit.

Mosey to loop. Partner 1 runs a loop while the other does.. balls to the wall, donkey kicks and wall sits.

Finish with 47 American hammers and a round of Mary with merkins.

We closed with no announcements (not sure whether the PAX were pooped or sleepy) but closed with prayer. Need to pray for those suffering from COVID either knowing someone who has it, losing their job because of it or their job has changed for the worse because of it. Keep praying and we shall overcome with the help of the one who truly calls the shots. Also prayers are with White Deer as he goes through surgery today.

God bless,

Fireman Ed.


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  1. Handshake (aka Elbow Bump) on

    Great to see Fireman Ed back out at Hoedown! Happy Birthday big guy!