Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hip Hip Hooray, It’s Nougat Day


10ish men roused for a joyful beat-down in the gloom. Here’s what we did:

COP: Mosey west on Grove, hang a left on Lock and gather in the First Pres parking lot. Deadman hang // Helicopters // DQs // Imperial Walkers // LBCs // Crabcakes // Plank // Merkins // Peter Parkers // Elbow Plank // Pickle Pounders // SSHs 21s (count to 5 in Candace, to 21 silently in our heads, all stop at the same time. A couple dudes messed up so we did 5 burpees). Mosey back to MM

Triple Check: P1: Donkey Kicks // P2: Dips // P2: Run to Pull up Bar, 5 Pull Ups, run back. Mosey to Tennis Courts

Dora: P1 run to the end of the courts and back. Escalating Sets of Excercises increasing by 50s: 50 Burpees // 100 WW2s // 150 Merkins // 200 Squats // 250 Flutter Kicks.

March 26 is National Nougat Day. Spell out I LOVE NOUGAT with your legs.

Mosey back to the Flag: Namerama, Numberama. YHC took us out with a brief meditation and prayer.

Announcements: 5am Wednesday AO has a name- First Watch!

NMS: A friend of mine shared with me that during this strange season of quarantine, he is contemplating three questions each day. First, what has the Coronavirus outbreak taken away from you? That is a question of lament. Second, What has the Coronavirus outbreak not taken away from you? That is a question of gratitude, helping foster awareness of those things that God has given that endure. Finally, What has the Coronavirus outbreak given to you? That is the question of blessing, as you open your eyes to new things that God has brought into your life through this crisis. Grief, Awareness, Blessing. Fullness of life includes all three.

I am grateful for F3, something that (so far) has not been taken away- and grateful for each of you! SYITG


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  1. Nice beatdown, Bodo’s! I was practically done after COP but knew I had to get back to Mary Munford so I decided to keep in going ?

    I want to share my answer to your third meditation question. It’s HUMILITY and it’s something I have been struggling with for a while. Our new way of life had opened my eyes to striving to attain humility and I can only gives thanks to God for that.

    Have a great day all!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great job BODO’S .
    Well done on the message taking us out as well !
    Way to work guys .
    See y’all in the gloom..