Wednesday, November 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Foggy Hot Potato


7 figures emerged from the early fog to gather for a much needed workout to find there was no Q signed up. Handshake quickly took charge and got the group warmed up in front of the school.

Improvising with what was available, Handshake had the group pair up for Catch Me If You Can with one person bear crawling around a circle of cones while the other did 10 Merkins then ran to his buddy. Another round with 20 WWII situps.

Mosey to Pemberton Elementary where again Handshake improvised quite well finding a stack of bricks. Each person grabbed two bricks and we did Merkins on the bricks then stood up and did presses overhead with the bricks. x1 Merkin/x4 OH Presses, x2/x8, x3/x12, x4/x16, x5/x20 and back down again.

Pucker took the Q and moseyed down to main MS parking lot for a variation of 11s. Using bus spaces, group OYO ran 3 spaces and did an exercise to one end of lot and back. 3 Copper Head Squats, then 10 LBCS and 10 2 count Flutterkicks at each stop.

Mosey to Blacktop behind MS for triple check. Actually did 4 rounds – Wall sit, LBCs and run backwards. Mosey back to flag for several ab exercises (Hello Dollys [?], Alabama Prom Dates and Flutterkicks).

FNG Frankie (came with Byproduct) shared his story and wearing a Steelers sweatshirt and professing his love of Pittsburgh was dubbed “Cleveland”. Welcome Cleveland.


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