Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Group Therapy


2 groups of 7.5 warriors fought off the quarantinis and a mid beat down monsoon for the most fun one can have while properly spaced. Just as the ET runners touched down from their descent to the flag the clock struck go time and then properly spaced PAX were off.


mosey to the circle – SSHs, DQs, Russian Soldiers, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Flutter Kicks, Freddie’s, Helicopters, Arm circles and reverso

The Thang – Small Group Mediation

Group 1 – 7s/11s on the field of debatable distance

Merkins on one end, WWIIs on the other

Some claim 130 yards, some claim 150 yards. Miles were logged this AM!

Group 2 – amphitheater Dora

Pace Car runs the perimeter

Exercises – 100 merkins, 200 Flutter kicks, 300 donkey kicks

ABCs, algore for the six in the traffic circle

Switch groups!

Curb Crawls on the big circle, merkins in the center 5 to 1

Final act at the stage

3 rounds of bench kicks/reverse crunches and touch 3 trees

Back to the flag

3minutes of Mary

Numberama, Namerama and YHC took us out

please continue to lift up our brothers and their families: DTH and Double Mint; Deuce had a wonderful reminder that we continue to lift up those many small biz owners…. trying times for all.

What a wonderful morning to shut the world off around us. Keep leaning in for the understanding.

Enjoy the weekend!



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