Saturday, November 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

COVID 6 & 10


Ironically enough six PAX joined up at SOT to get the heart pumping and release some energy.

Mosey to parking lot- SSH, Don Q, Merkins, LBC

Indigenous people run down to football field – remain 6 ft apart during run.

Beast – PAX called exercises – one-legged Bullseye squats, flutters, reverse crunches, jump squats, merkins, burpees

Ring of Fire around soccer goal – hand release merkins and merkins (10), plank. WWII situps, legs 30, 60 and 90 degrees, two rounds (10)

Triple check up paved hill. Run, backwards run, run. Peoples Chair and Freddies.

Moleskin: YHC noticed another Q open and decided to run with it. Obvious theme with the 6 & 10 – social distancing at 6 feet and groups of no more than 10. As suggested we may need to curb or break up our groups if they continuously get over 10. Some food for thought.

On the bright side, 19 year old Riley FNG joined today with Bullseye. Being a pledge, the PAX ran with names from Old School and Animal House, settling on Flounder as the pledge/legacy from a classic which he very may not have seen yet. Welcome Flounder.



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  1. Welcome Flounder. What fratenity is he pleging? Has to be the easiest pledge with the 6ft. rule (lol)! I am sure Bullseye is keeping the tradition of the pledge period. Sorry to miss it. Great name Flounder!

    Wedding Singer – Tampa? Really? Two thoughts. 1) Glad he is out of AFC East! 2) Wish he had stayed in NE so we could beat him (ok – I understand we really never beat him in 20 years, but THIS is our year) LOL

  2. Wedding Singer on

    Good question, we all jumped so quickly on the naming that I forgot to ask. I’m sure Bullseye knows, or at least knows the university.

    Yeah, it is what it is. Had a great run, now’s it exciting to see what happens next. How about Diggs! Don’t count us out yet big guy, we still have a solid team just no QB…

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