Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Batteau or Bust


Numbers were light this morning but the motivation and mumble chatter was high this morning. In typical Batteau fashion the potato showed up to Q and we were off and running.

Swirly started everyone out at the tennis courts with some windmills, don quixotes, lighting stretching, planks, reach for the skys, reach for the toes, and merkins.

The kids moseyed over to the playground and proceeded to wipe it down with cholrox wipes. At the playground we did 3 rounds of 5x pullups, 10x decline merkins, and 15x dips. Rinse and repeat. Then we headed over to the picnic tables for snack time. Snack time had us doing 3 rounds of dips, step-ups, and incline merkins.

YHC was passed the potato and we moseyed on down the trail taking us on the full tour of Batteau. On the uphills we stopped intermittently to do 5x burpees, then on the up hills we continued to stop intermittently to do 5x burpees. Moseyed all the way doing the burpees here and there until we got to the steps of doom. Proceeded to bear crawl up steps and do lunges on the sections without steps. All the way to the landing, 5 more burpees, then finished out the remainder of the steps doing bear crawl.

YHC didn’t want to hog all the fun so handed off the potato to Flatline. We moseyed on down to the bottom of the hill (always a YHC favorite!). Triple check ensued with LBCs, lunges, and running to the top of the hill. The LBC location would move with the transition point of the lunges. When everyone had done one round we finished out with bear crawls to the top. Flatline took us down to the bowl area and we did 50 step-ups to round out the morning.

Headed back to the flag for COT where we adhered to the new COT procedures. We did numbers, names, announcements, and Flatline took us out with some kind and inspiring words.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone and stay safe and healthy out there!


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Well done guys – thanks for writing it up Faceplant !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. A pax member from each age group this morning. Downhill Burpee’s are no joke. Swirly, Faceplant-privilege to share the early morning with you.
    Be super.