Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Raining or sweating?


rainy morning so the Q hit the snooze button 3 times and would have slept in if he wasnt the pack leader. Q rolled into the parking lot 3 minutes before game time and our southern visitors, Honeydo and Offshore, were the only men ready to go. Locals all came in on 2 wheels before starting at 530.

Ran around the school and the circled up on the blacktop.

COP – 20 SSH, arm circles, LBC, Don Quixote, Q was being made fun of so much because he has no rhythm and was screwing up counting that COP ended early to start the pain.

Ran over to the parking lot to start the pain early…..

Starting at the curb closest to the school the following went down:

25 sit-up jump up burpee, then bear crawl to 1st parking lot landscape island then 25 hand release meekins, bear crawl to 2nd island then 25 windshield wipers, then Bernie Sanders back to the curb.

Repeat above doing 20 of each, then 15, then 10, then 5, then wall sits till the group finishes.

Q was so lighted headed after the above he doesnt remember if it was still raining or if he was just sweating he ass off. But the group wanted more..

We ran over to the swing set, 4 of the 8 got in the merkin position put feet in the swing then pulled our feet to our chest (x25), the other 4 did incline merkins (x25). We did 3 sets (75 total swing crunches and 75 total incline merkins) and ran out of time.

Ran back to the flag area, numbers, announcements, then Q took us out..

It was great Q’ing this morning and look forward to future outings.

Stay safe fellas..


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  1. Great workout this morning Trout. Great to see some of the southern gents Offshore and Honeydew. Cheers SYITG…cb

  2. Solid Q Trout. my other visits to Daville during the Winter tour will avoid your Qs.