Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hibachi box


8 studs took on WDOG this morning and here is how it went down.

COP : Some nice stretching and a few exercises to get the blood pumping .

Native American Pole Smokers : 5 pole smokers then run to the end of the line – hold 6 inches 45 inches 90 inches

Amp Theatre : 3 dips – 3 incline merkins to the bottom – at the bottom partner up for Wilson boxing cockroach 3 sets of 20. The Garbage Plate Jerkins – line up – guy on the ground grab 2 hand pull yourself up 10 times switch it up 3-sets – thanks to Hardywood for the suggestion to do the pax line.

Rusty Cage : 5 overhand pull ups – 5 underhand pull ups ladder down to 1 . Head to the jerkins bars partner up – 5 jerkins 5 dips partner does squats 3 sets .

Block Burpees – 20 on your own – Native American run back to the flag.

Ring of Fire : 5 merkins pax choice .

Way to work this morning guys – nice to be out in the park with the light of the full moon making it happen.. We thought Handshake might have to take a pitstop cause his gut was about to bust( see title of the backblast ). Corned beef turkey chili made an appearance during the pole smokers – jeez dude …

Thanks for allowing me to lead this morning – no idea who qa is but that dudes got Mary tomorrow 🙂 or its gonna be a hell of a hot potato !

Thoughts and prayers with Splinter and family – Doublemint and family – DTH and family. Oyster has a HDHH coming up see the pre-blast.

Thanks to Corned beef for taking us out and not killing us all with his exhaust this morning 🙂

Swirly’s Board yesterday : Life is not about accumulation it;s about contribution.

Let’s all continue to contribute to the best of our abilities and not only be leaders but encourage others to be leaders as well.

See y’all in the gloom..


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  1. Those Pole Smokers were tough! I was definitely suffering from the Hibachi Box Sweats!

    Hibachi Box is fantastic, but be advised eating the entire thing an hour before bed is a terrible idea.

  2. Great Q as always Swirly, sorry for the Turkey chili aroma at the Pole Smokers, thankfully we kept the line moving. This year Swirly has had some cool mornings, Snow one day, full moon, makes the morning workout more fun. Have a great one gents and look forward to seeing you in the gloom…CB