Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

“This is Pleasant”


Fourteen men and a canine hit the Tuckahoe region this morning in sublime running conditions. It is hard to beat 56 in early March.

The Thang;

We gave the bat cave a try today and it was glorious. Other than a possible twisted ankle. Seriously, it is going instantly become a favorite way to leave the depths of the UofR. Everyone took the Batcave out to Huguenot.

From there, Huguenot to Westham Station all the way up to Westham. Cross River and enter into the idyllic Westham community.

4s hang a right on Baldwin. Right on Wood. Left on Lakeside and then by the baseball field and back to the flag.

5s hang a left on Baldwin, right on Rock Creek, which truly never stops going uphill. Right on Woodberry (after a detour to Patterson for some 5s). Woodberry to Horsepen. The Pen all the way down to the fraternities. Get back on college and through the parking lot and back to the flag.

6s hang that same Baldwin left…stop at 705 to pick up Onions…and then to Hollins. Hollins to Woodberry, Woodberry to Horsepen. Horsepen is quick…as you take a left on Devon. That’s pretty quick too…you make your next right on RidgeTop. RidgeTop to Mighty Chandler…all the way up Chandler and then back down to Gardiner.

Gardiner takes ya around to the cut through, lighted, path to end on Boatright. Theoretically, you hang a right on Boatright and run to Three Chopt then back down, through the parking lot and back to the flag. If you pause to get a dog, you run College Ave, to Campus to Gateway to Richmond Way and back to the flag as you have made yourself short on time.

Great to see Rosie on this side of the river this morning…it’s always fun running with him.

Weather permitting, looking to 2.0 at the end of the month.

Prayer request for Splinter’s dad who is having his eye examined this week as well as his heart.

Pull for the Rams this week in Brooklyn, boys.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    That was a tough route man. Thanks for dragging me along EF. and Bodo’s
    Great job guys.
    Quick recovery Lug !
    Thought and prayers with you and your family Splinter.
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Tough route for sure. Not sure which is a longer grind, up Westham Station to Westham or Rock Creek all the way to Patterson in our case. Both sucked. Lug, hope that injury is minor.

  3. That was tough. Grateful for guys like EF and Swirly to push me long. Have a great day guys!

  4. Enjoyed the route this morning. Marv is on a BB hot streak, let’s hope he can pass it on to VCU this week. Thanks to Saab for staying with me, there is no way I would have found my way back otherwise.

  5. Wedding Singer on

    Great call on the batcave Marv, glad it’s back in action. Perfect 4 mile route for us/me. Hopefully Lug’s swelling goes down, that happened not in the cave but on Westham actually.

  6. Great route Marv. Good fellowship with you and the ‘wood out there today.

    Since you are trending towards breaking your perpetual “no backblast/late backblast” stigma, perhaps it’s time to change your avatar?