Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

APB out for Roper’s Shoes…


17 PAX (almost 18) posted for a Tuesday morning helping of Gumbo, it was served up with constant motion like this:

First at 0517, Mr. Roper’s 4Runner pulls in next to the SS Gumbo and the window rolls down. Roper has a wry smile on his face and says “I forgot my shoes…well, see ya later Roper.” The morning shoe routine finally bit Roper in the arse. It would have been great to see Roper workout in his crocks, but instead, off he went. Hope the day turns around for you, Mr. Roper!

0524 and only 4 cars in the lot, then the calvary came rolling in, including Ollivander coming in DK-hot and nearly ending Bone Thugs’ day before it got started…disaster averted, all is ok, let’s mosey.

Off to the backlot for COP (and to be joined by a couple LIFO’s – Fresh Prince and maybe Snuff or Chaplin? – it was dark), that included:

  • Jazzercisers x10
  • DQs x10
  • Helicopters x10 — yes, Gumbo’s back was tight this morning
  • SSHs x20
  • Merkins x10
  • LBCs x 20
  • Warmups: form 5 single-file lines at the far end of the parking lot and traverse the parking lot as follows:
    • Round 1 = High Knees, plank for six, High Knees back, plank
    • Round 2 = Karaoke, plank, Karaoke, plank
    • Round 3 = Sprint, plank, Sprint, plank


Proper Dora – Mosey over to pavilion and partner up. Together complete 50 proper dora sets of 1 WWII, 2 Squats and 3 Merkins. While one partner exercises, the other runs across the field and back.

Plank-o-rama for the SIX

Circuit Trio

Round 1 = 10 Box Jumps, 10 WWIIs, 10 SSHs – plank for six

Round 2 = 15 of each then plank for six

Mosey back to bball courts

Variety Suicides with Exercises and Mary

Round 1 = normal suicides with 1 burpee at each stop

Flutter Kicks

Round 2 = backward suicides with 2 jump-shot squats at each stop

Hello Dollies and Rosalitas

Round 3 = half=suicide (only to the foul line and back, then to half-court and back) bear crawl and 5 merkins at each stop

Freddie Mercuries for SIX

Round 4 = Lung suicides with 5 SSHs at each stop

BTTF for COT, Number-rama, Name-a-rama and YHC took us out.


  • HDHH, March 18 at ET’s – see preblast Oyster put up
  • Doozy has Q at NoToll next Tuesday (St. Patty’s day). He’s got big plans. Come see POG dressed like a leprechaun
  • Bone Thugs running 5K April 24 – keep pushing bro
  • Golf Tourney (May 15) to support Galactosemia Foundation – www.forethecause.org. Sign up, get on a team. Support Nancy and Wilson.
  • Prayers for Marmaduke’s mom – surgery tomorrow


Great work today men. No real plan (as you could probably tell). Just wanted to keep things moving the entire time. For future reference – need a longer run to really get some of those Proper Dora sets done. But it worked out. Great partnering with POG on those.

Gorgeous morning for a workout. Way to show up and get better guys. Great to see Bone Thugs posting and pushing it. Can’t wait to see him kill that 5K. Also, great seeing guys becoming new regulars like Snuff and Rosetta. EH and bring guys out as the weather gets better and before the heat shows up.

Thanks for letting me lead. Hope that had enough spice for you Boberry!

No More Gumbo For You!


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  1. The spice was just the right amount Gumbo! I thought it was gonna be easy when we started with the Jazzercise. You fooled me! I was sweating like crazy for those suicides. Nice to partner with Fresh Prince for the proper Dora!

  2. Well done gentlemen. Just had a meeting with Roper and happy to report that he did have shoes on. Dress shoes that would not be any good for F3 but at least he had some. He said he went back to sleep and is now well rested.