Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Damn Seal Team — I fart in your general direction!


6 guys showed up for an epic 21st wedding anniversary beatdown

COP — Marriage is a union, so in honor of that we did combo exercises
arm circle squats, alternating shoulder tap merkins, plank jack rotators and american hammer pull ins

it takes two to tango — 21 bowing cockroaches, 21 jumpovers, 21 PLT’s

Ascending 4 corners — 21 butt kickers, 21 mountain climbers and 21 bk’s, 21 ww2’s 21 mountain climbers and 21 bk’s, 21 dirty dogs 21 ww2’s 21 mountain climbers and 21 bk’s

Lazy Dora —
99 merkins while other one does plank
99 squats while other one does Al Gore
99 american hammers while other one does 6 inches

The beast
jump squats
smurf jacks
heels to heaven

Times up! Back to flag for Numbers, Names, Announcements

So, Corned Beef relayed a story this morning about Wednesday’s WDog about going to retrieve the coupons from under the stage and how they had mostly all been smashed and Corned Beef mentioned how it was probably Seal Team that had done it. So that was basically the joke the rest of the day. “No it couldn’t have been any of the other teenage hoodlums that might hang around the city park any time of day — had to be Seal Team.” or “Hey there’s litter on the ground over there, Seal Team did it.” or “There is a big hole in this field — I bet that was Seal Team.” There was also an awful lot of the 4th F this morning, hence the title of the backblast. There was so much mumblechatter this morning, there could have been ten backblast titles from the crap that was said today. The PAX loved the combo exercises at the beginning and ruthlessly made fun of YHC’s creativity asking if this was a DTH workout. Well played. Love the camaraderie of this group — it is always a pleasure to lead!



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  1. Great workout this morning Opus, enjoyed the energy and humor the strengthens the 3rd and occasionally 4th F. Have a great weekend and see you in the gloom…CB

    PS – Seal Team made me type this 😉