Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The thing about Starfish…..


20 Redwoods gathered at the best fields in SOJ to check out another stop on YHC’s belated winter tour. Little did the Pax realize this morning included biology lesson on Ariel’s favorite echinoderm. Just as Rosie wrapped up some pre-No Toll miles, the clock stuck go-time and the PAX were off.


Mosey the long route to the center of the soccer fields, circle up.

SSHs, DQs at Wilson’s pace, Imperial Walkers, Tempo Squats, Helicopters, Mountain Climbers, LBCs. Warm? Let’s boogie.


Exercise I – Mega Giant Star Fish

Corner I – 15 merkins, Corner II – 20 monkey humpers, Corner III – 25 two count flutter kicks, Corner IV – 30 jump squats, Tip (bleachers) – 35 reverse crunches, 5 burpees in the center of the field after each station. algore for the six

Exercise II – Triple Check

Mosey to this sideline. Pace Car – Sideline to sideline run, others – pickle pounders, WWIIs. Plankarama for the six

Exercise III – Merkin and Lunge Parking Space Ladders

Merkin – bear crawl space to space, merkins up to 10, mosey to the opposite side of the lot

Lunge – lunge two space, squats up to 10, algore for the six

Exercise IV – Modified Mega Starfish

Same stations, same exercises, only 10 reps per station, 1 burpee after stations. Plankarama for the six (thanks Rosie!)

MARY – Flutterkicks, Rosalitas, Hello Dollies, Alabama Prom Dates

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out.

See Nancy Lopez, Wilson and Slack about ForeTheCause. SOJ Jorts are required. Converted Bibbed overalls for bonus points.

Please lift up those named and unnamed.

Some words for the day:

“Own your choices, especially the ones you avoid. Everything begins with choices. You could easily brush that off as something you’ve heard before. Most people do and that’s why they stay stuck in ruts they don’t want to be in. They’re unwilling to make the choices that would get them out and move them in the direction they want. Be aware of the self choices you’re willing to make and the choices you’re not willing to make. Own both and act with confidence. Be willing to make any choice you need to take to get you where you want. Because if you won’t do that, what are you really doing?”

Perfect temps this morning. Enjoyed it fellas and have a great one! SYITG.


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  1. Well done Wojo. The Starfish was killer, and it was a picture perfect morning at NoToll. Great work all.

  2. A great workout WOJO! Agree with Gumbo. Starfish was a killer and I am sure it will return!