Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Sixteen Spider Run Stalwarts + 1 that was feeling the Bern gathered in the balmy 49° gloom for some hill fun. After the expected northern aggression’s comments about long sleeve attire, YHC declared our routes and off we went.


The Route
– Long way around the lake
– Across the bridge and up the hill by the baseball field
– Down the parking lot to College

– Cut through fraternity row and take a right on Hampshire
– Hampshire turns to Horsepen and ascend all the way to Patterson
– Right on Patterson then right on St Christopher
– Straight across to Tapoan, not Towana
– Meander by the golf course back to the start

– Left on College
– Right on University
– Right on Wood
– Quick left on Lakewood then right on Wood
– Right on Baldwin
– Baldwin turns to Hampshire then follow the 4 route

– Stay on College all the way to Club Vista and take a right
– Right on Westham
– Right on Baldwin
– Cross Wood and stay on Baldwin then follow the 4 route

Numberama, Names, then start searching for Posh.

Phenomenal morning for a run this morning. Pre/post run mumblechatter was at an all-time high. So high that YHC couldn’t decide on an appropriate backblast title. Therefore, I have listed a few suggestions below. Rather than comment on the backblast (which no one will do anyway), offer an alternative title. It’s like a haiku without the haiku!

Posh Finds His Way Home
Hitchhiking on the Snowbank
Sufferin’ Succotash
This Run Sucks
I’m Bored So I Guess I’ll Go Vote
Marv Wins a Bet
I Said the Long Way Around the Lake

HDHH the 18th which is a day before the 19th. Just sayin.

Splinter says sayonara!



  1. Nice, the 5ers actually nailed the route. Started the correct direction and concluded that the Q meant Tapoan not Towana.

    My vote is for Saab Feels the Bern.