Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cumulative Effect


March has commenced for YHC with a faithful four posting at HBR.  A simple Q and and stellar PAX saw it go down like this:

  • Mosey to the football field for COP
    • 25 SSH
    • 15 Russian soldiers
    • 10 DQ
    • 15 helicopters
    • 10 2x Suzanne Somers, each leg
    • 25 2x LBC
  • Cumulative beast with
    • 216 HRM
    • 180 WWII sit-ups
    • 144 2x flutter kicks
    • 108 2x crab cakes
    • 72 monkey humpers
    • 36 burpees
  • Mosey to the parking lot for COT with YHC taking us out

Great work by the PAX today.  It was not an overly creative Q, but it served its purpose.  YHC came home with dirt and grass shavings in every crevice of his body. Probation was dressed for the ladies with his smedium F3 shirt that exposes navel. Hence, Handshake fled the jurisdiction before we were done, or at least that is my story.

APDs going out to many of the HBR PAX who have been MIA.  The weather has been getting warm, so it is time for everyone to start getting ready for summer. 

God is good all of the time!



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  1. Haha! I had to run, but i completed the “Hard Way” Beast. No way I was going to not finish that.

    When you said you were going to do an “easy Q” I took it as we were going to keep it light, but you meant completely different. Well played *insert slow clap*