Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bear with me… it’s been a while


A fantastic PAX of Four won the war against the Monday morning fartsack as YHC made the first return to Batteau since the last tour. A relatively unknown Gloom with City of Richmond’s maintenance on street lights added up to a few obstacles in the dark.

Just as Oyster emerged from his vehicle the clock struck “Go Time” and the PAX were off.


Money to the pickle ball courts, avoid the cliff YHC nearly Took the PAX off

F3 Welcome, Disclaimer (including one about YHC’s hiatus from this AO)

SSHs, DQs, Russian Soldiers, Imperial Walkers, Helicopters, Merkins. Warm? Let’s Boogie.

The Thang

Exercise I – Hot Box Lindsays

Mosey through the valley and back up to the SOJ Farmers Market Activities Hut. Grab a picnic table.

3 rounds – 10 merkins, 20 step ups, 30 reverse crunches. Run to and from the stone chimney. algore for the six

Exercise II – Touch a Tree

Partner Up – 3 trees, 3 rounds

Round 1 – LBCs, Round 2 – Lt Dans, Round 3- Alabama PromDates

Mid Beatdown MARY

rounds of flutter kicks, rosalitas, hello dollies and alabama prom dates

Exercise III – Merkins/Lunge Ladders

Mosey back down and up the valley to the pickle ball courts. pick a square

Merkin Ladder – Bear crawl, side crawl, back bear crawl, merkins up to 5

Lunge Ladders – lunge forward, side lunges, reverse lunges, 5 down to one squats

Exercise IV – Mini Merkincide

Mosey to the tennis courts. 10 merkins at each line on the court. Run down and back.

LBCs until the final bell.

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out.

Lift those up named and unnamed this morning.

Some words from a daily devotional on the theme of “It’s Go Time”

Look back 12 . . . 18 . . . 24 months. What should you have started doing then so you’d be closer to what you want now? There’s always something.

Now forget it because it’s done, but keep the lesson with you. You have new decisions to make. Future moments depend on these moments.

What are you waiting for? Get started today.

Felt great to get back in the gloom after a few weeks away due to a tweaked back. Near perfect conditions for a late winter time beatdown. Enjoyed it fellas! SYITG.


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