Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

OC’s Sugar Socks


11 Chilly Pops posted to see what was on the Doozy Q board for today at Twin Team

5:29:30 YHC announces the 30 second to start mark but PAX sees lights coming in hot, YHC decides to wait for BoBerry. Rosie says he wants his moneys worth so off we go, BoBerry will find us.

Mosey to the bus loop for COP – 10 of each exercise with ascending Burpees in between

DQ’s, Helicopters, Cherry Pickers, Copperhead Squats, American Hammers, WWII, Flutter Kicks (YHC calls them Scissor Kicks) (OC hears it Sugar Socks) and it was all down hill from there. Squats (IC), Jump Squats and Calf raises. If we did the Burpees right we end with 10 and away we go.

Mosey to Twin Team for everyone’s favorite Man Killers

PAX sees glow stick along Twin Team and a medicine ball so somewhat knows what they are in for.

Find a Partner but PAX moves up the hill as a team, this is a modified triple check so using the last 6 exercises of the COP PAX starts with American Hammers while the first group of partners carries the medicine ball over head to next glow stick partners switch and back to PAX. Next set of parner carries the ball up to the next glow stick PAX does WWII’s until that set of partners returns repeat-o to the top and back.

had to end before the bottom due to time, return to the flag

Numbers/names YHC took us out


YHC had to bring the court into order this morning as much as possible when PAX lost count because of OC’s Sugar Socks and the rabbit hole that conversation went down. Man Killers took care of most of that but about half way down the hill and after PeeDee introduced us to the aroma of last nights crab cakes, the mumble chatter about OC’s Sugar Socks and a reference to his between the sheet performance was made and all control was again lost. Tobit as always the ever persistent mathematical guru that he is made reference to the fact that the glow sticks were not evenly placed and Nancy Lopez seconded that. YHC placed the glow sticks ahead of time and did not have time to measure each distance out but never fear the next time this event is done the glow sticks will be placed every 200′ by measure. However Tobit may have to carry (the chain) every time the PAX moves.

Notes and Prayers:

Upchuck is asking for patience and prayers with kids as he and his wife deal with a strong willed child. YHC would have to ask for the same prayers for his family

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  1. Great Q Doozy – I am smoked. Was it Sugar Socks or Sugar Sticks? Are you supposed to use one with the other on Tinder dates? Asking for a friend…

  2. Well done Doozy! Felt good to get back over to Twin Team hill this morning.

    It was definitely Sugar Sticks.

  3. That was too funny this morning gents. Way to get through the mumble chatter Doozy. OC I think you’ve reached a new level to gain a second F3 nickname. Stay classy Sugar Sticks.

  4. I didn’t think Sugar Socks sounded right, sorry Sugar Sticks.

    I also forgot to mention Nancy Lopez’s Golf outing. Nancy can you add the details in a comment?

  5. Sugar sticks, those are what OC moves up and down when he does flutter kicks, right? Doozy was too busy trying to test us on which exercises to remember in between burpees to get distracted by mumblechatter. PeeDee aced the test at the top of Twin Team by the way.
    Enjoyed it gents.
    McRib’s band is playing at Kindred Spirits from 6-9 tonight.

  6. Is anyone else going to Kindred Spirits tonight to see McRib? The M and I know one of the owners so we always are up for a trip out there. We promised the 2.0s that we would take them out to dinner but after that we are on our way to the brewery.