Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Salvucci: Party of Two


Nine early birds came to get the worm. Mezcal was served.

COP: SSHs x 20. Russian Soldiers x 15. Hillbillies x 10.

VCU lost its 5th game in a row. Time for Modified Michigan. 100 x 10. Skip 80 x 8. Bang out 60 x 6, 40 x 4 and 20 x 2.

Lazy Dora: Timer performs 60 second (1 Mississippi) count then swaps out. Exercises: 100 Merkins. 200 Jump Squats. 300 Flutter Kicks (2-count). Timer drops to 45 second count for Flutter Kicks.

Frank Abagnales: 4 tennis courts. Round 1. Two laps around the first two courts. 3 Burpees then chase/catch Bernie. Round 2. One lap around first three courts. 2 Burpees. Round 3. Two laps around all four courts. 1 Burpee.

Body By Jake: Ring of Fire around monkey handles. PAX dips (I dip, you dip, we dip), while each member performs 5 pull-ups.

BTTF: 20 Werkins OYO.

Namerama: Nope. Numberama: Nada. Vinny = rusty.

Announcements: RAMM Gears tomorrow for Winter Tour. Honeydo has been working hard on his Peloton. He’s ready.

NMS: Great morning to hang with the boys. Lots of sophomoric banter. Early discussions of the Salvucci Family Reunion commenced. It was great having Boberry over to see his pops, TYA. Don’t worry Boberry, we are taking good care of him.

Prayers for our injured brothers, Sippy Cup and Swiper. Speedy recovery, gents. Prayers also for Hitchhiker’s family and friends in Korea. The Coronavirus is no joke. If anyone has a line on surgical masks to send to his family, please let Hitchhiker know.

Make it a great day men!


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  1. Good one Vinny. I pretended to follow the entire way. One thing I love about Mary is you rarely can get through COP without the PAX losing count. So much pent up banter throughout the week it is bound to explode on Thursday.

    It was nice partnering up with Boberry today. Good work out there.